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We pride ourselves in the highest caliber of orthodontic care we provide our patients. Throughout the years, our patients have sent us letters, cards, and have written google reviews describing their experience at Caggiano Orthodontics. We are blessed to have met and helped so many wonderful children, teens, and adults, and celebrate with them in achieving a beautiful smile.

If you'd like to share some kind words and smiles, please ask our front desk staff for a comment card at your next appointment. We'd love to hear about your experience!

"When Dr. Caggiano took over the practice, my son already had braces for over 1 1/2 years. Instead of just taking them off as scheduled, Dr. Caggiano spent a lot of time checking and rechecking the results of braces that he himself was not responsible for. He was not happy with the results and redid my son's braces to make sure that the job was done right. The last one and a half year of visits were nothing but a pleasure! I know it's crazy to say that about an orthodontist, but it is very true. The staff is super pleasant and extremely friendly. They all make every visit feel like time spent with friends more than a doctor's office. Hands down, without any hesitation or even a second thought, if you need an orthodontist there is no question that Dr. Caggiano is the one you want to come to. People go to many different orthodontists, I just don't understand why?" - Ed

"Dr Caggiano has my highest respect as a professional. I am usually a comparison shopper, but after one consultation with Dr Caggiano I had no need to see anyone else. His detailed plan to fix my smile and confidence in his approach were extremely reassuring, and left no doubt that I had come to the right place. 21 months later and and 3 months ahead of schedule, and the job is done! He and his staff are very friendly and extremely professional, and you will rarely have to wait longer than 5 minutes! Two thumbs up to the entire experience, I would recommend him to anyone!" - Karl

"Dr. Caggiano and his staff know what they are doing. But more importantly they are friendly and easy to get along with. Everyone goes the extra mile to make it a great experience. I had surgery done as part of my treatment and they did more than expected to help me through the recovery process. You feel at home all the time and would recommend to anyone!" - James

"Dr. Caggiano is an excellent orthodontist with plenty of experience. Friendly, caring, and professional with a good sense of humor. I got the Incognito™ braces behind the teeth and Dr.Caggiano was well trained in adjusting these type of braces. Office staff was professional and friendly so 2thumbs up and I would recommend Dr.Caggiano to family, friends and anyone needing orthodontic work." - Allan

"Finding the perfect dentist was always my concern because I don't let anyone work on my mouth. I have to feel comfortable with all the staff. The environment has to be friendly and caring too! Lastly, I like to know what is going to be done on my mouth. Caggiano Orthodontics has this all wrapped up into one. Dr. Caggiano and his staff give a detailed report on what he/she is going to do. The environment of the place is very friendly and everyone is easy going. This facility is top notch in technology and in their staff!" -

"I go here and just got my braces off i love this place they have been very nice and gentle even if there some times is a wait its always worth it!" - Jesse

"Dr. Caggiano and his peeps are the best! I really like everything about the Dr. Caggiano. They make me feel comfortable and are very nice to me. Matt. I like Bob. Everyone is nice and they make me laugh. I like to sign in on the computer and the chairs are comfortable. Hannah Dr. Caggiano is so nice to me. I like talking to the people because they are nice also. Bethany Thank you Dr. Caggiano and the staff. You have made our orthodontic experience fun, enjoyable and relaxing. I have full confidence in what you are doing. You explain everything that needs to be done not only to me but to the kids as well. We have and will continue to recommend you to everyone."  - The Glaser Family

"The staff is great. The treatment is painless and they take time to get your teeth just perfect." - Ravi

"Thanks to Dr Caggiano and staff. My daughter has a beautiful smile. I had a bad experience at another practice and dreaded braces for my youngest. Dr Caggiano was recommended by our dentist and what a difference. Everything was easy, from consultation, to appointments, to visits, to payments. I was told along the way what to expect and they delivered every time. The staff is gentle, kind, and courteous. Dr Caggiano and the staff made my daughter comfortable at every visit; they remembered details about her daily life and asked every time. We were a part of the family at Caggiano Orthodontics. I am glad we came to this practice; I will recommend Dr Caggiano every time." - Ellen

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