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Free Resources For Parents Of Children, Pre-Teens & Teens

Parenting these days is a complicated business! The informational video and downloadable reports presented here can help. Social media shaming and bullying has become epidemic and outright dangerous. The psychology of success for junior high, high school and college students involves the self-image, self-esteem and self-confidence. There are things kids carry with them, that they do not necessarily ever raise with their parents, that affect their susceptibility or resistance to peer pressure, their choices about personal behavior, their grades and academic achievement, and their futures. The free video and downloadable reports feature facts about such things you will want to know.

Any Mom or Dad with pre-teens or teens can benefit from the information below, but every Mom or Dad with a daughter or son who may need teeth-straightening or other orthodontic care need to educate themselves. Please take a look. And, please pass the word to any neighbors, co-workers or friends who are parents.

Does Your Child Really Need Braces –Or Will They Just Grow Out of it?

caggiano orthodontics choosing an orthodontist for braces

  • Is a Smile Just a Cosmetic Issue?
  • Can They Get By Without Braces?
  • What Should I Expect When It Comes to Costs?




When Do You Need a General Dentist vs. a Specialist?

caggiano orthodontics when do you need a general dentist or a specialist

  • Choosing the Right Doctor for the Right Situation
  • When a Specialist is Needed
  • Teaching Good Dental Hygiene Habits




Tips for Finding Great Ortho Care.

caggiano orthodontics finding great ortho care

  • Choosing the Right Doctor
  • Starting at the Right Time
  • Why Great Care Matters




8 Things Parents Should Know About Teen Self-Image

caggiano orthodontics parents should know about teen self image

  • Social Media Influences
  • Peer Pressure
  • Why Mom’s Opinion Matters




What Every Parent Should Know About Bullying

caggiano orthodontics what every parent should know about bullying

  • How Bullying is Different Today
  • Signs Your Child is Being Bullied
  • What Parents Can Do




10 Ways to Help Your Child Have a Healthy Self-Image

caggiano orthodontics- help your child have a healthy self image

  • Making Healthy Changes
  • Keys to Communication
  • When to Criticize




Good Parenting in the Digital Age

caggiano orthodontics good parenting in the digital age

  • How Social Media Affects our Kids
  • Sleep Matters
  • Keeping Your Kids Safe Online




10 Tips for Helping Kids Get Good Grades

caggiano orthodontics tips for helping kids get good grades

  • Attendance Is Important
  • Your involvement matters
  • Technology driven world




What Parents Need to Know About Positive Parenting

caggiano orthodontics parents need to know about positive parenting

  • Catch them doing good more often
  • Avoid being overly critical
  • Be clear about goals and expected behavior




Teen Suicide: What Parents Need to Know

caggiano orthodontics parents need to know about teen suicide

  • What to Look For
  • What Can be Done
  • Healthy Minds